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 THURSDAY_17th July

 9pm gmt

 redbull's 8 Ball Pro Tourney

Race 3 Final Race 4

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Thursday 19th July at 9pm gmt, Join redbull's 8 Ball Pro Voodoo Tourney (non prize). Race 3. Final race 4. Once you join the tourney, be sure to check in during the last hour before the tourney starts, to secure your spot in the tourney. If you are not a member of The Voodoo Pool League, click on the Free Sign Up Link on the left and then you can join Voodoo pool tourneys. Only one Voodoo account is allowed per member and you must use your iPool account name. Names can be changed, Voodoo Administrators, can help you with this. Thanks for being a part of iPool and Voodoo. **Good Luck**


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Voodoo members are expected to join Non Prize tourneys as well as Prize tourneys of course.. We feel its not fair to those Voodoo members that join both quite often and other members only join Prize tourneys.. We will be monitoring the members joining which tourneys and how often.. Should we feel a player/players are just in Voodoo for the Prize tourneys we will deal with that accordingly..










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 Upcoming Tourneys

SATURDAY 19th July

 9:30pm gmt

redbull's 9 Ball Pro 

PRIZE Tourney

1 Month to Winner





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